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Mobile Development

We offer Mobile Development. We transform app ideas into experiences for a wide range of connected devices you hold in your hand, wear on your wrist, and use in your home and car. Our range of services includes app strategy, design, engineering and lifecycle management.


Native app development means using the native programming languages of the devices to build the app. For iPhone, the native programming language is Objective C and the new Swift. For Android, the native programming language is Java.
In a nutshell, native apps provide the best usability, the best features, and the best overall mobile experience. There are some things you only get with native apps:

  • best performance
  • full access to hardware features
  • feature-rich interactivity
  • greater user engagement
  • possible to use in offline mode
  • smooth interaction with wearable device

Windows Phone

Our Windows Phone Application Development service build apps that truly based on the requirements of the customer. We do fully responsive and customizable work. Our developers will enhance the beauty of your app.


Our Custom Android Application Development service builds custom apps that are described by both our clients and their users as more responsive, smooth and overall more user friendly. With the help of this open source, fully customizable platform our mobile app developers will create an experience like no other for your users, thus setting you apart from the competition and giving your brand that extra push.


Our iPhone Application Development services are known for the love of a good design and we always stay in the know when it comes to the latest technologies and trends in the industry ensuring your custom iPhone app is both future centric and backward compatible with earlier iOS devices.

Native Iphone

Cross Plattform

MerakiTech team has extensive technical and business experience with mobile app development for cross platform and is dedicated to helping you leverage endless opportunities provided by multi platform mobile application development.
Imagine the benefits of cross platform mobile app development: when your users would be able to access your mobile app on all popular mobile and tablets plaforms with single development efforts. Imagine how it will increase your audiences reach and how cost effective it will be to launch your apps for all popular platforms.

Cross Platform

  • single app adjusted to platforms of your choice
  • adaptive UI
  • access to native features
  • easy deployment
  • reduced costs
Cross Plattform

Web App

Today, mobile Web traffic is dramatically on the rise, and creating a slick mobile experience is at the top of everyone's mind. Total mobile data traffic is expected to exceed 10 million terabytes per month by 2017. Of that data, the lion's share is consumed by iOS and Android devices, which suggests a focus for any immediate mobile Web app development efforts.
Your mobile web application will be both rich and dynamic while providing a great web browsing experience.

  • all platforms and devices covered at once
  • web apps don't need to be installed on devices
  • any changes in app are instantly in effect
  • faster production
  • easy to support
  • Mobile porting